Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday This & That...

Well, yesterday was something else.

I threw a good ole hissy fit over something I could do absolutely nothing about (which is about 99% of the things I throw hissy fits about).  Sorry Dad.  He caught me right in the middle of said hissy fit.

I was like the toddler who was so tired they could not possibly reason and needs nothing more than a good long nap, but they are so worked up and tired they cannot settle down to take that nap.

So here's hoping that today will be fit-free.  Today should be an-at-home-all-day day so that will help. Yesterday was supposed to be an at home day, but another child is sick and required a doctor's visit.  We are just passing the bug back and forth, but it seems to be weakening.  Maybe it got scared of my fit yesterday and will leave permanently.

Today's agenda is school.  I spent three hours working on report cards for four children Tuesday afternoon only to find out Wednesday they are not due until NOVEMBER 10, not OCTOBER 10.  I thought October seemed early, but we are in a new school group and I didn't question anything.  Or write anything correctly on my calendar.

Tomorrow's agenda is housework.  Not house maintenance, but WORK.  Cause.  Ya'll.

And as soon as I can find my camera battery charger I am going to show you a picture of the six foot snake Matt brought to my back door Tuesday evening.  He found it in the goat fence.  Where we walk everyday.  And all our animals live.  And where I have to go feed the animals when the boys are away.  Which will be NEVER from now on.


  1. Please tell me he brought you a dead snake!! We've had several in our yard (the biggest one around 3 ft long), but one that big would freak me out!!

  2. Nope Anke, it was alive and mad as a snake :)

  3. So sad for Daddy because I somewhat had a "fit" yesterday that he had to witness. :(