Friday, October 11, 2013

Heard Around Here Lately....

~"Only 30 days to Disney!!!!!"- Abbie, who at this very moment is sitting in living room floor making a poster-sized countdown calendar.

~"I have a loose tooth so I am on soft foods for awhile."  - This was James' rationale for requesting ice cream for breakfast.

~"But its not poisonous."-Matt's exact quote after he brought a six foot ALIVE snake to the house this week.

~"I am just going to run a little bioscan on it."-James bringing in various nature objects into my house.

~"Mom, you didn't turn on your blinker!" - Tyler, my eldest, who thinks he knows lots more about driving than I do.  And suddenly has become a blinker nazi.  But he got a haircut this week and he looks about five years older and I want to hold onto every single minute with him and somehow stop time.  But I can't.  So I am treasuring all these blinker nazi moments in my heart, knowing that his children will do the very same thing to him one day.


  1. Found your blog through the AL Bloggers link up! Thanks for the laugh! Also, I read your "Books I Love" list & found a few of my favorites over there along with others that I've added on my "to-read" list :-)

  2. Ok, just saw it was a live snake. Good grief, I would have been screaming like a little girl... Blinker Nazi - that's funny. :-) Since our oldest got her permit she likes to point my mistakes out, too. ;-)

  3. Snakes = Jill stays away. Yay for Disney!

  4. Teenagers know everything. I'm just now finding this out.

  5. I just got caught up with your blog. Sorry you are all sick! Praying it passes soon. And, I trust that you feel better after venting/your fit.
    I love ya, Friend!

  6. Hope he doesn't find any snakes on the camp-out! I like nature, but I draw the line at snakes! :)

  7. Oh, these are all too funny. Yes, I''m running a little late---but you understand.
    Wow--I'm excited you get to go see Mickey!