Friday, November 8, 2013

This & That Friday...

 The Countdown to Disney continues.  Only two days left now.  Today I have the kiddos cleaning and washing and scrubbing getting ready.  I told them they were not to think they were just to do today.  Matt said that sounded like Communism.  I told he was exactly right and they were going to live it today and then maybe they would hate it so much they would always fight against it in their society.  I am calling it Sociology 101.  See homeschooling works for everyone-my house gets clean and America stays free from socialism another day.
 In other exciting news-my baby lost his first tooth.  He is so tired of posing for pictures. 

 Pretty eyes of my firstborn.

 Pretty girl.

 This is where James spends 90% of his day.  Swinging on this rope swing.  He only gets hurt about twice a day on it.  Statistically I think that is pretty good.

Matt popped in to say hello.  He has moved on from Star Trek to Dr. Who.  This boy loves him some Sci-fi. 

True Confession:  I am wearing two different socks this morning.  I couldn't find two in the sock basket that matched.  But one is red and one is pink so I am somewhat colored coordinated.  I guess I need to do some laundry.

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  1. My mom is taking me out on a pampering day tomorrow. I have no idea what she has in mind, but I'm as excited as if I were going to Disney!

    Check out my little Doctor

    Have a great trip!

  2. Alice, hope you have fun on your spa day. I went and saw your little doc. I thought about getting Matt one of those flashlight things also.

  3. You are too funny! I love your new homeschool course! :-) I taught that course when I homeschooled but didn't give it a clever name! :-)