Monday, November 18, 2013

We Are Home...

We are home and I am convinced that adults need at least a week to recover from Disney before we have to go about normal activities.  I feel like I am jet-lagged and after being in Disney-mode for a week its hard to get back to normal. 

We had such a good time.  I will never be able to thank my parents enough for this wonderful gift to our family. 
My favorite moment of the whole week-we were at the Fantasmic show and all the characters came by on a big boat.  His face just lit up and he had had both hands waving.  It was awesome!

Aunt Jill and Abbie-they were buddies on this trip and Abbie loves her some Aunt Jill.

Our first day at the Magic Kingdom.  That's my brother Del in the back.

Sweet Hubby and Sweet Baby Girl

This is what exhaustion looks like for a seven year old after a day at the Magic Kingdom.  He was up and ready to go the next day though.

Nana and Pawpaw-ready to watch something ?????

Some families try to take nice normal pictures at Disney that might be Christmas-card worthy.  Not my children-they had a contest to see who could come up with the strangest photos of the trip.  Which resulted in this fine photo and the following.  There are lots more, but I will spare you.

Pawpaw and Abbie taking a little break.

My two Vikings.  As we went through all the cultural and historic stuff it took everything in me to not yell out, "Do you remember learning that in school?" and giving them pop quizzes.  I was happy that sometimes they would report to me that they already knew something or would ask for clarification.  I had no clarification about his troll though. 

So, today is back to school and co-op and Scouts and Heritage Girls and oh my stinking goodness, Abbie has been at laundry for two days now and it is still not done.  But we are home and we are together and I will probably take a long nap this afternoon as have been up since 3:30 am because my body-clock is all messed up, so its a good day here at Clark Acres.  Although I wouldn't mind being at Epcot and riding the Soarin Ride again-that was awesome!


  1. I love the funny pictures the kids took! You have a beautiful family.

  2. Looks like a perfect family trip! Glad to see ya'll had so much fun. :-)

  3. What wonderful memories for your family! I like Abbie's pic the best, she looks limp and realistic.
    We took J and K when they were 5 and 6. Jake can't remember any of it....except that the etch-a-sketch; slid from the back window area of the car, and hit him in the head---when daddy had to slam on the brakes on the way to Disney. BIG run on sentence. I could have saved thousands, and gotten the same memory for Jake on the road in front of our house=)

  4. Love Disney World! In the picture of Jill and Abbie, I thought Jill was a Disney Princess ... until a read your caption. Beautiful!! Your family is so fun!!

  5. looks like y'all had a great time!! we call that tiredness resulting from disney experiences "disney hangover" :)

    1. Lisa! That's it. A Disney hangover. I feel much better now knowing that I am not the only one.

  6. I love the photos!!! I'm so glad you and your family got to go to Disney and that you had such a great time! My family went a couple of years ago, and we were totally exhausted when we got back just like you were. But it was completely worth it. :) We're hoping to go back some time relatively soon if possible.

  7. MamaHen,
    I do not have my smart phone anymore, so I have even more trouble getting to your blog than before. But, I did have a few minutes this morning. I am SO glad I came by. I literally laughed outloud. Those pictures are DEFINITELY Christmas card worthy...that is, now that it is After Thanksgiving (ahem). I laughed hard!

    You, Jill, Abbie, and Nana all look SO much alike. And you are all gorgeous!

    Bethany W