Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lessons and More Lessons....

You know, I have been a mom for 15 years now, and you would think I would stop being surprised.  But yet.

It seems that there are some lessons that my children need to learn over and over and over.  Such as:

~Turning off the lights.  My boys cut and haul wood, they build fences, and they are responsible for the live-being of several animals.  But they can't remember to turn off the lights when they leave a room.  They also can't remember to shut the back door, close the fridge, or take out the trash when it finally spills over the mountain of garbage they have constructed into the floor.  But Abbie can remember the time I told them all to "Just shut up!" (which is a very bad word in our house), nine years ago.  Its an amazing talent she has-she can recall everything I have ever said wrong in her entire life.

~Just because it is in this house it is not yours.  I accidentally broke one of my children's coffee cups the other morning, and the child actually said, "You owe me $11."  Mark took one look at him and said, "Okay, but how about you paying me back for everything of mine that you have ever broken?"  That quickly put an end to that conversation.

~Money is not free.  Just because it pops out of the magic machine at the bank does not mean their Father did not have to go to work everyday to earn it.  Last night Abbie told me, "I just needed to save up for something." (an household item) and she almost heard the forbidden words again.

~And in the discussion I never thought I would have to have category-I had to explain to a certain seven year old last night that his underwear is dirty no matter what it looks like when he takes it off and it does not go back into his underwear drawer without being washed.  No telling how long this has been going on.  He evidently thought it had to "look dirty" to be considered dirty. 

And I am learning that I am much stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I am teaching a 15 year old boy how to drive.  Did you know that a person can yell, "Turn on your blinker!!!!!" and "Stay in this lane!!!!!" and "Slow down son!!!!!" all the while having a mini-heart attack?  They can. 


  1. That is so gross about the underwear - mercy! I can 100% believe that Abbie can remember EVERYTHING!

  2. You are a great mama to keep teaching these lessons over and over and over and...

    You are wonderful! Keep up the good work!