Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Morning Cute Boys Edition....

The oldest son got his braces off.  He's a handsome thing.
 Mark and the Tiger Cubs made a trip to Tanneyhill.

Out of all the group pictures of the boys, this was the best Mark could get.  I think that will tell you a little about the day-fun chaos with a little boy muddiness thrown in.  So thankful for James' Tiger Cub leader.  He must have a heart of gold and a mind of steel.

 James fought evil in our backyard yesterday.  He just doesn't pretend.  When he puts on his costume he becomes what he plays and he is very serious about it.  Very.

 Mark and the big boys went hunting the other day.  My Matt was tired.

 Some of the spoils.

Well, tonight is the night.  The Heritage Girl lock-in.  9 PM to 7 AM.  Sixteen young ladies.  All night long.  I am no spring chicken and you know I love me some early bedtimes.  This will be interesting.  And exhausting.  And fun.  :)

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