Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Meet Colleen, the new Lil Bit...

It seems it doesn't matter what I name the goats, or any little thing here at Clark Acres, it gets called Lil Bit anyway.  And it fits.  Because Colleen is the tiniest cutest thing ever.

She was born yesterday in the early afternoon as we all went about our business of being sick and laying around watching TV and reading.  Sinuses and the flu hit us just in time for spring break to begin.  I went to the doctor Saturday praying I had strep throat.  I knew if it was strep I could get some medicine, rest Sunday, and by Monday be up and ready to go.  ha.  It was the flu.  So, it is dragging itself along and just when I think I might feel better I realize I really don't.  Three children are dealing with sinus issues and we sound like hacking machines here.

But, back to Colleen.  Even though Beatrice, the mom-goat, had a nice warm stall with new pine shavings, fresh water and privacy, she choose to have Colleen out in the mud and dirty hay on a cold windy day.  And all the other goats got to see it and it totally freaked them out.  I mean, the old grandaddy goat was beside himself trying to figure out what was going on.

We moved her and baby into her warm stall and waited to see if there might be a second one, but nope, just Colleen.  We were hoping for twin girls, but we will sure take her.  She seems to be healthy and is bonding and nursing well with mom.  Last night she and mom got to sleep with the woodstove warming them and when I went to check on her this morning she was toasty warm.    Love me some baby goats.

She is our C goat in that I am naming all our female goats in alphabetical order and using old-fashioned names because I love them so much. 


  1. Hi MaMaHen! Your Colleen is so adorable! Will you milk her Mom in a few weeks? I hope to milk our Nigerians after they give birth. Do you ever sell any of your goats? Enjoy the beautiful sun today, even though it's still a bit cool! Blessings from Bama!

  2. Congrats! I'm sorry to hear you guys are sick...yuk!

    1. Thanks Alice. She is a cutie for sure. Sorry we are sick too, this has been a doozy for me. Its been five days and I still feel droopy. The kids say they don't feel bad, but they sure are coughing.

  3. We plan on milking her. We will give her plenty of time with the baby and then start milking. I am not sure if we are going to do one a day or two a day milking yet. We hope to sell our Nubians as more come along, but we will be keeping Colleen if everything goes to plan.

  4. CUtie! SOrry you guys are sick. That happened to us last year...just when we thought we'd made it thru the winter without sickness. You can take spring break next week=) it was too cold this week anyhow.