Monday, March 17, 2014

Heard Around Here Lately....

I am trying to decide on a new hairstyle and have several pinned on Pinterest.  I was studying them this morning and one of my offspring walked by.  I grabbed said offspring and said,

"I'm thinking about getting a haircut.  What do you think about this one?" 

The child studied me and then studied the picture, studied some more, and then said,

"Well, it looks good on her."  

Thank you dear, thank you.


  1. That offspring must have been male. Surely Abby being the girly girl that she is would have told you all the reasons it would work on you. After all, isn't that one of the reasons we had these girls? To have someone around to confirm our fashion choices. :)

    1. Leigh, you would think that, wouldn't you?

  2. Ha! Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Sadly, I learned at the young age of 13 that the hairstyles never look as good on me.....of course the models are always about 1/2 my size.