Friday, March 14, 2014


Streak, the baby goat, has a new home and I couldn't be happier with his new situation.  And, they will not be able to get him for another month, so he can hang around here with us for a little longer.  We were having to decide if we were going to sell him at market (where he would most likely end up being someone's dinner) if no one took him.  We will gladly goat-
sit for another month for him to be able to go to a great home. 

And by the way, we are small scale, very small scale farmers, so we know the ultimate fate of most farm animals.  As a matter of fact I have our rooster in our freezer right now just waiting to be made into chicken and dumplings.  The rooster attacked Abbie everytime she went in the coop and one day I just decided enough was enough.  So he is now named Dumpling.

I believe fully that animals are animals and that humans are humans created in the image of God and there is an enormous distinction there.  We are put here to rule over creation and the management of animals and our food supply is part of that job.  Believe me, if my children were hungry all those farm animals would be butchered in a heart beat. 

But, all that to say, in a way I had not expected I grew very fond of Streak.  I do not believe animals have souls, but I know they have personalities and this particular personality won me over.  I think it was because he was the first.  Beatrice, another mommy goat is due any day now, and I am determined not to get so attached, particularly if it is a boy as we will have to give him up also.  We are praying for twin girls, which would be the ideal situation. 

So, all that to say, Streak has a wonderful family that will care for him, and I am a happy MamaHen.


  1. How exciting, MamaHen! So glad you found a home for your firstborn! We will have that dilemma this summer. Hopefully we'll be able to find homes for ours as well! Glad the weather is finally warming up! Enjoy your weekend! Blessings from Bama!

  2. I have wrestled with the whole meat thing for years. I personally could go veg (so long as there was plenty of cheese and butter involved) but it would never fly here with my meat eating guys. I like that you renamed the rooster :)

    Hoping for baby girl goats!

  3. Wendy, We are excited about Streak coming to live with us soon. Since he's our farm's first goat, you know he is going to be spoiled rotten! Edie and Roark will see to that! About the meat eating issue, I don't think it is a coincidence that in God's beautiful creation, something has to die in order for us to survive. That doesn't mean we have to enjoy killing it, but rather it's to serve as a reminder that for us to have life a price has to be paid. That's how I see it anyway...

  4. I'm jealous it;s not me getting a new goat. In God's time....