Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Horrible, No Good, Rotten, But Ended Pretty Well Day

Today was one of those days when you knew you were working all day, but it seemed that nothing was getting done. I had TWO unexpected trips to the store, sour attitudes to deal with, a messy toddler who found many new ways to make new messes, and beans and tomatoes to freeze.  I had to call Daddy to deal with an attitude problem from one of my sweet kiddos, who momentarily became insane and decided school just wasn't for him. I was not expecting to pick beans and tomatoes today, but the garden does not wait. You have to work on the garden's timetable. There was just a general restlessness here today, myself included. And, since it's the end of the month, Mark will be very late tonight.

But towards the end of the day things got a lot better.  I got to get my sweet baby James from the tub and wrap him in a towel and hug him all over. I got to brush his wet reddish-blond hair and smell that clean baby smell.  I got to hold him as he kissed the kids goodnight and then kissed me. He makes a precious little popping sound when he kisses you. I got to snap green beans with my Abbie and listen to her talk about the resturant she wants to open when she grows up. She wants to be able to see what people do on dates when they go to a resturant. She said I could work there if I wanted. And then I went to take the bean scraps to the chickens. It was getting dark and there was actually a little breeze. I sat in the swing and just looked at the garden, the chickens, and the cats playing. Then Tyler came and sat by me.  We didn't talk much, we just listened to the crickets. Then Matt and Abbie came out. We just sat there and enjoyed the night. Thunder began to roll in and I thought I might be in heaven.  I just needed Mark there to make it perfect.  Matt actually said "I wish every night could be like this."

Thank goodness there is a tomorrow to start over. Maybe it will end with a night just like tonight.


  1. This Husband of yours sounds like quite the feller

  2. Oh dear! I have days like that too. I'm so glad it ended well though. It's lovely to sit outside at the end of the day and just enjoy....

    Hope you have a great weekend,