Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Daily Dilemma(s)

It seems that I always have Mommy Dilemmas around here.

"Where is the other sock?"
"Where is the other shoe?"
"Where is the other kid?"

But, today I had some new ones. How does a a SEVEN year old girl get her bottom stuck in a water bath canner?
How does an EIGHT year old boy get his knee stuck in the back of a chair?
And finally, how does anyone expect me to get any housework done when I have all this cuteness to look at all day?


  1. Oh ho ho ho...that's good stuff Mama Hen! Little James is surely so cute I couldn't work, no sir. I would just be squeezing those cheeks!

  2. Yes, I seem to have the same type of daily dilemmas. The shoes are never together, never a clean pair of socks, etc. Of course, the church shoes always decide to go AWOL on Sunday mornings!