Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We had a sad event at our house today. Charlie the fish, passed away. Matt was completely heartbroken. He is so tender-hearted. He loves hard and he grieves hard. It is hard as a mommy to watch him grieve so much. We sat on the swing and he talked and cried. I mostly just listened, because there really isn't much to say. We had the funeral behind the workshop as we have with all the other animals that have died here. We have buried butterflies, birds, a turtle, and numerous bugs. We all gather around and pray and thank God for the creation He gave us to enjoy. Tyler digs the hole. I pray and then Abbie lays flowers on the grave. We have a funeral routine and we all know our places and jobs. It was sad, but Matt was okay for the rest of the day. He lost it again when Mark got home though.

Other than the funeral, things were normal around here. I froze tomatoes and canned 7 quarts of pears. I have never canned pears, but they turned out well. I had to go get a new water bath canner last night because I lost four jars of salsa yesterday. The bottom just busted out of the jars. Salsa is too much work to lose it in a canner. I am going to work on pears tomorrow and probably Thursday too. I want to make some pear preserves also.. This weekend I will probably freeze more corn. I want to get it all done because we are starting school next week.

Here's a new picture of James. He's so busy now he fell asleep eating his lunch.


  1. I am sorry about Charlie. I didn't even get to meet him! :-(

    It sounds like a productive day at the sink! We got 7 quarts of apples out of half our box. I am thankful and will be glad when we have it all canned and hidden from the fruit flies!

  2. Awww...so sorry about Charlie. Matthew is such a sweetie.
    Hey, do you sell that salsa? 'Cause I'd pay for some of that. Homemade salsa? Yes maam!
    Way to go on all the canning. Go Mama Hen go!
    And, I hope you're having a better day than the post before. Those verses are such necessary truths we need to remember!