Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Weekend

We have had a good couple of days. Hurricane Fay sent us lots of rain yesterday, so we didn't do anything in the garden or yard. I canned some pears, but that was about the only productive thing that happened around here. Mark got to get some rest and played XBOX with the boys.
While James took his nap Abbie and I went to the thrift store. I LOVE to go to the thrift store! I like to look at all the books and magazines and all the knick-knacks. I got the kids a couple of books and then we came home.

Saturday is Family Movie Night and we all take turns picking out the movie. We watched Nim's Island last week and it was great! This week I was sure my head was going to burst before we finished George of the Jungle 2. (Abbie's pick). The kids loved it! Mark and I slept through most of it. But the parts I did see were enough to make me realize how glad I was I was so sleepy. Pure nonsense for kids, and pure torture for me. I guess that is why the kids loved it.

We had a wonderful church service this morning. And after church Mark treated us to KFC. Yum! Mark and I sat out on the swing and watched the rain for a bit and then I got to work on more pears. I have cut up so many pears I don't know if I'll be able to actually eat one this winter. Mark made some pickled green tomatoes. Men in overalls working in the kitchen are very cute!

After I bathed James and got him in the bed I worked on some school plans. Tomorrow is our Back to School Day. We work on Math a little all summer and the kids read a lot, but other than that we haven't done very much. Tomorrow we will start back with all the other stuff.

I am going now to work on freezing some corn and then I am off the bed. I hope I can get up early and get a jump on things before school starts.

Here's some pics of Tyler. What would August be without watermelon?!!!!

PS. Rebekah, I finally got my floor mopped Saturday night! Yeah!