Saturday, August 16, 2008


Whew, what a day! Today was a big day for my Abbie. She got her ears pierced today. She was a little nervous, but she did great. They look very cute. She is turning into such a young lady. I know she has many days of girlhood left, but I can see the end coming. Here she is with her new earrings.

When we got home Mark said the corn was ready to be picked. Sweet Hubby got all the kids out and they picked and shucked the corn for me. This was our first time to grow corn so we really didn't know what to expect. It turned out so well. We will be having some for supper tonight. I froze 5 gallons of corn on the cob and 3 quarts of creamed corn. Mark said we should have more by the end of the week.

My parents came out for a little while and we had a good visit. They were meeting my aunt and uncle for supper so they didn't stay long. Pawpaw rode the kids on the riding lawnmower so they were happy.

Mark is taking the three big kids to the movies tonight so after I get James in the bed I will have the house to myself. I think I will make some banana bread and then sit and watch the Olympics. I will probably be asleep in the recliner in about 10 minutes though.

Added Later: After Mark left with the older kids, I took James up to Granny and Grandaddy's house to pass some time. As we were leaving he blew them a kiss and said "Love you" plain as day. That's the first time he has put two words together and what sweet words they are. As I was putting him to bed he kissed me on the cheek and said "Love you" to me. He is so proud he can say it.


  1. Congrats Abbie!
    Hope you're enjoying your night Wendy! Go Team USA! (And Team China! ;)
    Okay, I have shucked corn, but never grown it. You make me want to go pull the weeds out of my flower bed. I'm not growing anything, so I can't tend any gardens. But at least you're inspiring me to pull weeds! ;)
    How sweet that James said "love you"!
    I love reading about your everyday life! It fascinates me! I can relate in so many ways! Until you start talking about tomatoes, corn, pears...then, not so much. That is the part that absolutely fascinates me. How wonderful to grow your own food, especially when grocery store prices are OUTRAGEOUS right now.
    If you get a cow, to make milk of course, then that's it. You will officially take over the title of super mom from Laurie Knowles. (You know she wears the crown presently because she birthed Lydia on the interstate...but you're in close running to take that crown away, I'm tellin' ya!)

  2. Sounds like a good day! How precious to hear little James say such sweet words!