Friday, September 5, 2008

I Think She Will Make It

Around here we all joke about how much Abbie likes to talk. Most of the time Mark and I love it though. Especially if we can get her talking about Sunday School or CBS and what happened. She, like me, loves all the details. She notices everything and it is fun to see her perspective on things.

One day this past spring we were driving to meet the Hixons at the zoo. We were all happy and upbeat and glad to have a school break. I was listening to the local radio personalities, Rick and Bubba. One of them said something about taking their kids to the zoo and Abbie immediately picked up on it. She thought they would be at the zoo with us. I explained they had already been, but it was the same zoo. She then had all these questions about Rick and Bubba and it hit her all of a sudden they were real people with real families. She wanted to know how they got on the radio and I told her it was their job. They go there every morning, talk about whatever they want, and then they get to go home. She thought for a minute and her eyes got huge. She said, in amazement, "That's what I'll do, I'll be a Professional Talker!"


  1. Don't you know Rick and Bubba would LOVE to hear that story!

  2. Love that snaggle tooth grin! Next to a toothless baby grin the snaggle is my favorite.

  3. Oh sweet Abbie! I love her so! She will be the best radio show hostess and will tell them just how to run the show!
    Love Corla.

  4. How cute! Elizabeth loves to talk too - but not in public or with people other than the family! She then is really quiet and people don't believe me that she talks so much...!
    At home however, we can't shut her up :)
    It is funny though to hear the things they come up with, isn't it?