Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today was busy and slow. How, you say? Well, this morning we went to Community Bible Study. It was rush, rush, rush to out the door at 8:15 am. Then a slow 30 minute drive to Birmingham. It was slow because my boys alternated between fighting, yelling, saying gross things, and laughing at each other the whole way. We got there and I realized I had left my Bible and homework at home so I basically just sat there for 2 hours and listened. It was fine, but I like to take notes and such.

After CBS we came home for a few minutes and then it was out the door to piano lessons. Back home again to put James down for his nap. I sat down in the recliner and promptly fell asleep. Driving makes me tired now. That sounds like something an old person would say, doesn't it?

After piano my niece and her daughter and her nephew (yes, I'm a great aunt) came over for a few minutes. We chatted for awhile and then the slow started again. I have had a little headache today so I mostly walked around and looked at all the housework I should be doing, but was not. It was too late in the day to start a big project and too early to start supper. Okay, this is so boring I am stopping now.

We did have a scare with Pearl, the chicken, today. Even though she is in a pen, a hawk was trying to get her. Matt scared the hawk off, (he had to hit it with a stick, so it was determined), and Pearl is fine, except her comb got a little torn. She will be alright though. Tomorrow we will move her pen to the back porch where we can watch her better. This weekend Mark will finish her big pen with wire on the top and then she can go there. It will be her permanent home. I realize I'm pretty country here, but I think chickens belong in the chicken pen and not on my back porch.

Speaking of Pearl, yesterday James and Matt were playing with her and one of her tail feathers fell out. I wish you could have seen James trying to stick that feather back on her. He was very perplexed by the whole thing and I'm sure Pearl was too! (No chickens were harmed in the failed re-insertion attempt).


  1. Oh Wendy Wendy Wendy...HILARIOUS! I can just see him trying so hard to stick that feather back in!
    I know what you mean about those slow, busy days. They wear me out! And I can SO relate to walking around looking at housework (and paperwork) that needs to be handled...and it being too late in the day to start something, but too early to think about dinner. Wow. You really put into words the life I live!
    You're the greatest! And so is your salsa! ;)

  2. How could I forget to mention Matt's bravery in hitting a HAWK with a stick?
    Can I say....hawks scare ME! I can't imagine!

  3. Oh poor Pearl. I'm glad Matt got rid of the hawk. And funny... trying to stick a feather back in :) Kids are so cute!
    I took some photos of my chookies today and will try to get them up on my blog in the next few days. Spring is here in our part of the world! Time to think of planting :)Maybe this season I'll make your salsa :)