Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chickies and Kittens

Yesterday we got to spend the day with our bestest friends, the H's. They live over an hour away so we don't get to see them but about once a month and we make the most of it when we get together. We arrive early and leave late. The kids have so much fun playing together and yesterday was a real treat because they have new baby chicks and kittens. James loved it.
Abbie loved the kittens too. I have to admit they were sweet and I was tempted for a minute to claim one, but then thoughts of Sylvester took over. You see, our cat Sylvester's sister is these sweet kitties mommy and I could not take a chance on them having any of his genes. You will understand whenever I do my post on Sylvester. Bless his little dumb head.

The boys spent most of the day in the woods, so again I don't have any pictures of Tyler. Rebekah is due with her new baby in three weeks. We spent our time sitting in the swing discussing babies and we also managed to solve all the other problems in the world in that short time also. It's amazing how we do that. I am her back-up labor coach, and even though I would NEVER want her Sweet Hubby to miss the birth, she knows I am on call at all times if she needs me. I have never seen a baby be born and I really want to!


Unrelated, here are some old pictures I had on my memory card. Thought the grandparents might enjoy them.

The One Monster-Footed Lucky Charms Guy

Sweet Brothers


  1. What a sweet looking kitten!! Ali loves playing with her Gramamma's chickies too. I'm telling you, she and James have a lot in common!! ;)

  2. Your little ones look so sweet! I want to squeeze James' little chubby cheeks! Have a restful weekend :)

  3. Awwww! I just love the kitties!!!! I want them all!!!!

  4. Is there anything sweeter than little chickies or baby kitties? I mean except for your sweet little children? i could be very tempted to take a kitty home. I love them!

  5. Oh my heavens, these kids are precious! I miss them tons.

  6. Adorable pictures, I love animals so much. Thanks for your sweet comments, they mean a lot to me. Please keep in touch. Many blessings. (: Katie

  7. These photos are so precious!! And don't you just love it when we are able to solve the world problems with our friends? If only the higher up people would listen to us we would have this world in alot better shape!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it! AND it led me to yours. Love your header!!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda :)

  8. Those little kittens and chicks are so cute! I just want to cuddle them!

  9. LOL I am laughing -- "bless his dumb head." You must tell us about these genes you did not want passed along!

    The children are sooo sweet. Glad you had a great time!


  10. Sweet photos of your little ones! I also won't have any kitties in my house. I'm allergic, plus I'm too busy taking care of too many human babies to take the time for the animal ones just yet!