Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday, so far...

This morning we loaded up the van and took off for the library. My Abbie was almost beside herself about signing up for the Summer Reading Program. If you read 500 pages you can be entered to win a new bike and she wants that bike really bad. There is also a giant toothbrush you can get if you save up 20 tickets. (200 pages). She also wants that giant toothbrush really bad. Everyone came home, threw their books down in a big pile and started reading. Except James, he doesn't seem to get what the big deal is.

Oh, listen to this. I go over to the children's desk to sign everyone up and the librarian tells me Tyler has to sign up in the teenage section. I looked at her and said, "Really? He's 11." But its true so off we go to the teenage section. Anyhoo, they are giving away some great prizes that he will love, gift cards to bookstores, GameStop and movie tickets. He really was not interested in the giant toothbrushes anyway.

I also signed up for the Adult reading program which is giving away a new gas grill for the grand prize. Fun, fun. After the library we headed over to Barnes and Nobles to sign up there. Then home for pizzas and reading. After I got James down for his nap Matt came running in all upset because he could not find Pearl. We all headed out into the very hot humid Alabama mid-afternoon day to look for the said chicken. After much searching she was found, in her pen. The box she sleeps in had tipped over on her and she was stuck in there. Between the box and Slyvester's visit yesterday she has had some interesting times. I'm glad my chickens are entertained around here.

I just made brownies and now I am trying to will myself not to eat them (all). Brownies are my downfall. My nemesis. So far so good though. I wish the kids would hurry and eat them all so I won't.


  1. Oh NO not our Tyler. Not in the teenage section. That is crazy!

  2. Hi Wendy! I love summer reading programs! Our sign-up day is Monday and we can't wait!
    I hope Abbie wins that bike or the toothbrush! ;)

    Have I ever told you I want chickens? Yeah, but after reading about Pearl's adventures the last few days, I think any chickens I have would fly the coop FAST!

    You're getting closer to baby girl! She's going to fit right in with your crew!

  3. We are going on Monday to sign up. I'm excited! Your library gives away rockstar prizes. We get gift certificates to go rollerskating.

    Do you know what has really helped me stop baking and eating everything myself? Not having a working oven in the kitchen. Trampsing to the basement is enough of a deterrent for me!

  4. Brownies and a good book - what a perfect way to spend the evening! How cool that your library's reading program includes adults!! The adults are left out at our library :(

  5. Oh my goodness...this is getting too creepy - I am at the very present moment calling on every ounce of strength God can spare to keep from making some brownies. Such a weakness.
    Also I had no idea I could sign up to win stuff!!!
    Did you see Coffee-ology!?!
    I'm stressing about Tyler...

  6. Love that Summer Reading Program, our sign up begins tomorrow! Your library's prizes are awesome, we get candy and certificates (not gift certificates, just certificates). Plus, there's no adult program, good idea though I may mention it to our librarian!

  7. I'm going to the library today. I don't think the adults get prizes at ours either, and am wondering if I qualify for the teenage section too...

    I love Tyler.
    I love Abbie.
    I love Matt.
    I love James.
    I love....Eva?

  8. I just got caught up! I miss all of you - so glad to be back.

  9. I'm with you on the brownies. I can refuse nearly everything else, but not brownies.

  10. We signed up for summer reading on Monday down here. I've got all 5 of mine signed up. They had a very entertaining children's magician and free ice cream. Only, we wound up leaving before having a chance to check out books because we had one of THOSE diaper emergencies. We're going back to pick up books tomorrow. Today was our 175th day of school, so we've reached our minimum. Yet, I don't want to tell the kids yet. Shhhh! I want to get a few more good school days out of them this week--if my little man doesn't get too worn out from Scout Day Camp, that is!