Monday, March 22, 2010

Slighty Grumpy

Today I have been slightly grumpy. I don't want to complain... but... it is cold. And wet. And I even saw some snow flurries. And even I didn't want to do school today. And neither did the kids. And I did not want to do any housework. And neither did anyone else. And the washing machine is broken. The new washing machine. And in Casa De La Chaos no washing machine is serious business. A repair man said he would try to "get by sometime today" which means we might see him sometime this week. Okay, that is out of my system. Oh, and Abbie just stopped my blogging to give me a complete and total dramatic re-telling of the Judge Judy show she just watched at her Granny's house. My eyes were glazed over, and I tried to have a fake smile as I listened to her because she was obviously excited about it, but I don't think she was fooled. Needless to say, I will not earn Mom of the Day today. As a matter of fact I sent everyone to bed at 2:00 and told them they had to stay there for at least one hour.

Okay, I am done. For now.

Last Thursday night I got all computer geeked-up and learned how to do something new on the blog. If you go to my sidebar and click on Books I Love it will take you to a whole new page of well, Books I Love. It is right below my Roosts. You all know I love to read and if you do too you might can get some ideas of things you would like. Feel free to throw in any suggestions for me too.


  1. Ditto on that...we have been absolutely useless today.
    Sorry about the washer :(

  2. Oh girl, so sorry about the washer. Our heats messed up.

  3. Sorry about the grumpiness - I can totally relate. I've been struggling with the same stuff lately, and I find it very inconvenient.

    I'm quite impressed with your use of "pages"! You're such a blog geek now ;)

  4. well hopefully you'll receive something fun in the mail to brighten your mood

  5. Useless over here, too. BUT, you may have saved my week, or ruined it, depending on how one looks at it, by posting the books you love. I LOVE to read, but usually to the exclusion of doing things I SHOULD be doing. :) Hope today is better!

  6. I had a very grumpy Monday had to be the cold weather!
    Hope the washing machine gets fixed soon!