Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Okay, yesterday was just perfect. Perfect. Spring had sprung. I got to do a whole lotta sitting in my swing~reading and watching my little servants precious little children clean up the yard. Our yard has been through a long hard winter and yesterday was perfect to begin spring cleaning in it. Tyler pruned our blueberry and blackberry bushes. Mark and Matt worked on the rabbit hutch. The men also laid down tarp to kill the grass on our garden plot. This helps when Mark plows the garden~he doesn't have to plow through the thick grass. We were outside most of the day and it was wonderful. Then we had a yummy supper of chicken potpie and then movie night. It may sound boring to you, but it was wonderful to all be at home at the same time and to have such a beautiful day to enjoy together.

And then we woke up. Oh, we are all still all together, but it is cold and rainy outside. So cold. And wet. The absolute complete opposite of yesterday. But, cold rainy days make for good naps so I was sure to take one after church. It was really the only thing to do. My dad always told me to do the right thing no matter what everyone else was doing. So I had to do it.


I am about to squelch all my children's fun, and possibly even all the fun in their whole lives (yes, my daughter actually says stuff like this~I just don't know where she gets her drama from?), because I am about to call them in for Clean-Up Duty. We aren't having church tonight which means they can get their rooms and zones cleaned up TONIGHT which means there is the possibility we might start school ON TIME on MONDAY MORNING. I know it sounds like an impossible dream, but I am holding on to hope.

Abbie just yelled and said the cat has thrown up in her room. Duty calls.

Did any of you have a great Saturday also?


  1. Friday and Saturday were GORGEOUS here and we spent most of those days outside. Got some things done and also had time to just sit and relax. Of course we also had to get the grill going to start the season of the right way. Good thing too, today is nasty, wet and cold...

  2. Saturday was AWESOME! I sat out on my swing and read too!

  3. ditto...Friday was was the wee hours, what did I hear...sleet...then guess what...snow...can it be?

    sigh and double sigh...

  4. Ryan & the kids had a wonderful time outside yesterday in the beautiful weather!
    I agree that cold, rainy days are perfect for napping, we all had great naps today!

  5. Can you believe it's going to snow again tonight?!?!!? The world just isn't fair. I demand spring!!!

  6. I went to buy the Little House study a while back and I have been meaning to ask you if it will be available in book form soon. I think you already told me, but I can't remember. I'm not sure my computer is good enought to download it and being a computer idiot, I am scared to try.

  7. Mrs. Jennifer,
    Everything you purchase at the site is PDF. I'll talk with you later about what we can do.

  8. Your day sounds fabulous -- my dream day, especially if it involves "servents" and me sitting back watching with lemonade.tee hee

    I'm so geeked about all this good weather!

  9. Shelby County 4-H Archery Club. Beautiful weather! :)