Friday, April 16, 2010

A Good Day

Could this weather get any more beautiful? When we have spring days like this it makes me wonder about heaven. Can you even imagine?

Today we are schooling, cleaning, washing, and potty-training. It has been five days and only one mini-success. But, this morning when he woke up he asked to take his wet diaper off and he wanted his underwear. I am counting that as a MAJOR success cause this boy likes his diapers. Right now he is sitting by me at the table putting stickers on paper and singing little songs to himself. Oh, the blessings.

Last night Matt's legs were hurting him. I offered him some Tylenol and was telling him about how my legs would hurt at night when I was growing up. I told him I understood and that I would take all the pain away from him if I could. Abbie piped up and said, "Maybe he is having a growth spout." More blessings realized as laughter erupted from Mark and me.

This afternoon I am heading out to buy the plants for our garden. Tomorrow will be a family workday as we plant the garden. I have to admit I love planting day. At the end of the day you know you have done something worthwhile. And you are a good tired from working all day.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Hold them close.


  1. A planting day sounds wonderful- our weather has been warmer this week, we are getting closer up here in the Pac NW - I answered your comment/? about the soapover on my blog.

  2. Yay for the MAJOR success! Have fun planting your garden. Plant something good for me!

  3. Love the little blessings! Finally got the much, much overdue pedicure done today...can I count that as a blessing?? :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. OK Wendy you got to get this potty training down so I can ship my little monster to the Clark household for you to do the dirty work. :) Have a great weekend we will be outside planting too only it will be pretty flowers.

  5. Ali and I are wrought with growth spouts too.

    Well, I used to be. Thankfully I'm not growing (too much) anymore.

    Here's to a happy potty-training weekend!!!

  6. Hooray for the major success!

    It's so important to treasure the "little things"!

  7. Growing pains... that's what my mom always called them. But, she never gave us Tylenol. And, I refuse to give my kids Tylenol. But, I let them drink water and go back to bed.
    It seems that water really might be the best pain reliever of all. Maybe you could try that next time?