Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Guess what? The kiddos had a field trip downtown yesterday and I found my way there. ALL BY MYSELF. And I did not cry. And I was the first one there. Of course I left super-early in anticipation of getting lost, but I didn't! I wish you could have heard the running commentary from the back of the van.

"Oh no Mom, I can see the tall buildings."
"Do you need to call Dad?"
"Don't be afraid Mom."

I only made one wrong turn and I realized it immediately and turned right back around. Who knows, maybe next time I might try to get to the courthouse and actually be able to find the parking deck? (Maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself?)

On the agenda for today:
Laundry and ironing
Lamenting and reflecting that this is Tyler's last day to be 11.

I asked him earlier if he would be 11 just one more year and he said no. I think he is being a little ungrateful, don't you? This time 11 years ago I was in a little apartment in Charlotte, NC with a hubby who was working from 6 in the morning until 8 at night. I was lonely for my momma and wanted to go home to Birmingham. I had had a doctor's appointment on Monday and he told me I could stop taking my medicine to stop early labor. But he told me not to get my hopes up. He was born 48 hours later. My body really doesn't like being pregnant, but my heart really likes having babies in the house.


  1. YEAH on not getting lost, I have the same problem.

  2. I went to the big city not long ago and didn't get lost either! I think we may be growing up!

    I can't beleive Tyler is going to be 12...

  3. The commentary from the back of the van is hilarious! Congrats on making it downtown all by yourself! Don't think I'm brave enough to do that yet :)
    Hope Tyler has a wonderful 12th birthday!

  4. Wendy you have come such a long way :) Congrats on not getting lost and I think your kids comments are HILARIOUS

  5. Happy birthday to Tyler! :) I'll have to try that line on my own 11 year old next month! :)

    And, I'm so glad you didn't get lost! I also hate to drive downtown alone. I avoid it like the plague. Good for you for braving it so the kids could go on that field trip! :)

  6. Congratulations on not getting lost and happy birthday to your not so little one

  7. Happy Birthday to my very special first grandchild. Oh my, I thought I had the most perfect, beautiful, wonderful, great, precious first grandson in the whole world and guess what I DID!!!!!! To my Tyler, I love you so much. Nana

  8. HOORAY for navigational success!! I love the big city:)

  9. so cute!!! i can totally relate to going downtown by myself (without the hubs driving)... it scares me like crazy. but you did!!! yay! i think this means you can venture there more often.