Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Cake

You know how you can just say some one word names and everyone knows who you are talking about? Words like Elvis or Marilyn? Names that need no further explanation. Well, I am about to tell you about a cake that is known simply by The Cake. It is so good and wonderful and awesome and memorable that it needs no name. This cake is fattening. It is bad for you. It is not frugal. I could not think of one thing that is redeeming about it except for it's taste. And it is worth every calorie and penny. This is not an everyday cake. This is about a twice a year cake. It will be remembered and loved until the next big occasion. I will walk you slowly through the cake-making experience so that you will not get overwhelmed by it's delicious awesomeness.

1. Bake a yellow cake mix.
It does not matter what brand, but don't use a pudding mix kind. You will see why later.

2. Take a straw and punch holes all over the top of the cake. Don't ask questions, just do it. You will thank me later.

3. Open one can of sweetened condensed milk and proceed to pour the milk all over the top of the cake. As your cake is warm and has holes in it, all that sweet elixir will fall down into your cake and your cake will begin to absorb all the gooey goodness.
And if you want to lick the can I will not judge. (Not that I would ever lick a can).
But wait, there's more.

4. Open a jar of caramel ice cream topping. Pour it over the cake and watch the yumminess run.

5. When all the good stuff is absorbed, spread whipped topping on top. Don't be a wimp. Spread it thick.

6. And just when you thought it could not get any better sprinkle toffee heath bits on top of that.

Look at your cake and wonder how you will wait two hours. Because you have to put all that cake goodness in the fridge and leave it for about two hours. It will get good and cold and even more yummy.

If you decide to take the plunge and make this please let me know how it turns out!!!!


  1. Wow...that does sound perfectly and deliciously evil!! Yummm....

  2. That's kind of like the southern version of Tres Leches! Yummified!

  3. That cake does have another name other than The Cake, but I don't think I should put it out here in public. If I see you tomorrow at CBS I will tell you!

  4. Yes, it is kind of a southern version of Tres Leches! I say anything with sweetened condensed milk has got to be good! :0)

    No, we wouldn't ever lick the can. . .especially if there were another whole one sitting around. . .

  5. Oh Rebekah, you know me too well.

    Kerrie, I know the other name too!

  6. Oh dear, that sounds very bad... bad, bad, bad... I will not make it, I will not make it... hee heee...!

  7. I made that very cake for Bunko the very first time I hosted at my house and it IS TO DIE FOR!!!

  8. Oooo! I think I'll make this for Mother's Day dinner on Sunday. Sounds absolutely yummy!