Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Field Trip

Saturday we took our last school field trip of the 2009-2010 year. We went to Moundville and it was really fun. It was even more fun because my niece, Mrs. Jennifer, and FavCousin got to come to. We spent the day looking at old Indian mounds and artifacts.

James was not very interested in the mounds, but he was loving all the little pebbles he found. He would put them in his pocket and then hold them there. Almost every picture we took of him he was holding his pocket like that.
Matt and FavCousin

It took James approximately five minutes to get this dirty.

Mark did NOT like this hat AT ALL. But, I did not have my sunglasses and Jennifer had this extra hat in her car. Desperate times call for desperate measures I say.

The Black Warrior River

Abbie giving us her best "I am hot and the whining is about to start" look.

My Tyler, who is supposed to be about 15 months old and toddling around. He will just not listen to me when I tell him to stop growing so much.

I took a little tumble on some of the steps. Flip-flops are definitely not the appropriate footwear for Moundville. But you can notice ladies, that I am prepared for any ER visit with my painted toenails.

Sweet Hubby and I snuck in a little smooch.

After a very hot, but fun day, we loaded up and headed back home! If you live in Alabama this would be a fun field trip for your family.


  1. Girl! I can't believe you wore flip-flops to Moundville. Gracious! Glad ya'll had fun!

  2. looks like a fun day indeed! especially since it included a smooch! : )

  3. uh oh, sneaking smooches........ Dangerous stuff. :)

  4. We had SO much fun! So glad we missed the smooching, though.
    I am going to make it a point to wear that hat anytime I'm around Mark, now. I love that hat and I thought you looked super cute.

  5. Looks like fun and good weather, too!

  6. I love Moundville! I can't wait to take our kids there when we get to T-town.

  7. Although my hubby and son have been to Moundville, the rest of us have not. Perhaps we need to all go sometime. You got some great photos!