Thursday, May 27, 2010


And the living is easy... especially if you are three and your name is James.

Oh how I love little boys with dirty faces who fall asleep on a hot summer day as I swing with him. I watched as his eyes got heavier and heavier and finally he drifted off. I hope I never forget that day.

I also have some news which pained me today. My only daughter told me she wanted to give her toenails a painting break and see how they would look without them painted. As in all summer long.

I tell you what, if I hadn't been there for the birth and she didn't look so much like me I would have questioned if she was really mine at that moment. Hopefully it is just the heat and she will come to her senses soon.

And I know my posts have been James-heavy lately, but I have some certain children, ahem young men, who have decided they don't like me to take their pictures so much and tell funny stories about them.


Chicken Intensive Care Undate: All three CICU chicks are now outside where all chickens properly belong. The one with the prolasped oviduct is doing well although I'm pretty sure she won't be able to ever have an egg. This might bode badly later on, but we will just have to see. The others are growing like crazy and it is amazing how they change from day to day.


  1. we will mourn your daughters anti-nail polish choice along with you. keep telling yourself its just a phase....

  2. Oh bother, now that song is in my head. At least it's one I like.

  3. Try as we may, we can't keep our children from going wayward. We'll just hope she returns and be there with any color to choose from when she does.

  4. Abbie is related to her Aunt Mollie.

  5. Just look at that precious angel. I would kiss that dirty face in a second! Tell Abbie I'm going to paint her toenails in her sleep.

  6. I have a dirty-faced one here who loves to swing, too! :)

    Enjoy those lazy summer days, and I'm glad your chickies are better!

    Oh, I finally got up our AHG awards ceremony photos, if you want to see them.

  7. Those pictures are awesome.

    No Toenail paint? In the summer? When dirt will be covering the toes and underneath the toenails?

    I'm so sorry with your tragedy.

  8. Those pictures of James are adorable!

    No painted toenails in the summer is a fashion crime!