Sunday, January 16, 2011

Human and Animal Updates...

James woke up with no fever this morning! He is doing much better today. James and I stayed home from church (you're welcome) and Mark took the big kids. So I had some cleaning time while he played in the floor with his little farm animals and barn. He also was able to watch all the Blue's Clues he wanted with no interruption. I hope he is on the upswing although he has started coughing. I know the cough lingered for a long time with the oldest ones.

Mark and Abbie will be leaving in awhile for some daddy-daughter time and then they will go on to church. It will just be the boys and I so I am going to tackle the ironing. I don't like to do it, but I love to see it all hanging in the closets.

Melon, the kitty-cat, is growing like a weed. He is still a sweet kitty although he needs to have his little operation STAT. He is getting pretty wild. He likes to attack our other cats (just to get them to play with him) and since Kitty is 16 years old and totally blind, we are having to watch out for him all the time. Hopefully his little operation will cure him of the attacking.

George the rabbit, is huge. He is the most patient and sweet bunny. He likes to come in the house and hop around exploring. He likes to snuggle with Mark on the couch.

( old picture, but I love it!)

The chickens, which had such a rough start, are doing good. They have turned out to be remarkable layers and even with all this cold weather we are getting 4-6 eggs a day. I am trying to cook lots more from scratch now and love having the eggs available. I have also been able to sell some which helps pay for their feed.

Well, off to iron. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Glad to hear someone is feeling better! I'm thinking curling up and sleeping sounds good.

  2. Glad he's better and you've been able to get some things done!

  3. I just read about James' sickness. I got to skip right to the "he's feeling better part." Wish I could do that in real life! Sorry you've all had so much sickness, but glad he's on the upswing. We've avoided it here for a whole month, but it will probably be our turn soon. :)

  4. I'm glad that your son is feeling better!

  5. MamaHen, I want chickies and eggs so bad!! I talked to the carpenter about it just yesterday and he smiled. That could mean we have chickens and eggs in our future. :) That sweet old bunny looks so cute. And hear you go headed down the bunny trail again. xoxoxo Lynn

    PS -- I hope you are all perfectly well soon. A month of sickness is no fun. Thanks for your sweet comment. I'll be glad when all are well here.