Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Movie Talk

Okay ladies. Have I got a movie for you! Yesterday while ironing I watched Young Victoria. Oh.My.Goodness. I am still giddy from the happiness. Soooo gooood. How have I missed this? It is right up there with the BBC Pride and Prejudice in my book. Can't top P&P, but it is in my top five now. Just watch the trailer and then sit down in your pjs, grab your Snuggie, and hot caramel apple cider, and commence watching.

What? "What's that you say?"

It's Monday morning? And I am responsible for the education of four children? And for feeding them? And dispensing medicine to them? And providing them with clean clothes to wear?

Well, okay. I guess duty calls. But in the back of my mind I am planning a date night with Sweet Hubby and he and I are going to cuddle and watch this together. Never mind that he will probably not enjoy it and fall asleep. He loves me so much I know he will at least attempt to watch it with me, right honey?

Seriously, great movie. It is rated PG, but I would not want my kiddos to see all the parts of this movie. It is perfectly acceptable for "mature" married women like me though!

***Oh, oh, oh...I just went over to visit Lisa at The Pennington Point and she is having a great Monday morning giveaway. I entered (you know I love me some giveaways) and I bet you will want to too!


  1. I don't know how you missed it wither - especially since I told you about it a looong time ago when it first came out on video. Told you how it was good, but not for kids, not much of the fun dancing, a lot of seriousness, etc. Pretty much everything you just posted. This all goes back to how I am the invisible member of this family...

  2. Mrs. Jennifer,
    I promise you are not invisible to me. I just can't remember anything anymore. Seriously. Its all I can do to remember...well, anything.

    Although it is pretty funny we gave the same review. Maybe we should let the little girls spend the night together and we big girls could have a Victorian night movie party. Except that I would fall asleep after the first movie. :)

    Abbie is about to die to have some FavCousin time. I'll call you this week.

  3. Haven't seen it but will make it happen!

  4. Have you seen the BBC North and's a direct hit!

    whoot, just like P and P only different!