Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just a Beeping...

James just came in huffing and puffing. He's been running around the yard. Just running. I guess he is just glad to be outside after all the freezing weather and rain.

He came in, walked over to me, and said, "I have been running really really fast and my heart is beeping."

I guess the beeps will warn people to get out of the way.

Oh, and by the way. This picture is right after opening presents on Christmas morning. The kid is surrounded by new toys. And he picks up this little piece of square shaped hard styrofoam. He declared it was his IPOD and played with it the rest of the morning.

Again, why do we even buy presents?


  1. So cute, love the Christmas jammies!

    One of mine once said his heart was "beeping" too, too funny.

    It is amazing how much they love the packaging more than the toys.

  2. Please tell him Aunt Jill got him that "IPOD"!

  3. I love the heart Beep! The first time Schyler realized her heart was "beeping", she thought it was a bad thing, since you don't usually notice it! It was so funny!

  4. Adorable! My kids are the same way, they'd rather play with the boxes and bags instead of the toys :)

  5. JDaniel often loves playing with the boxes or shipping materials. Glad he had a good heart beep.

  6. That picture is SO Ali. I'm constantly throwing away little bits of trash that she's collected from here, there, and yonder.

  7. Out of the mouths of babes! Precious :)

    I am still praying for your family and that awful flu. I am happy to report that we have been healthy for 2 days officially. We are worn out but thankfully on the mend. My husband went back to work, too.