Sunday, April 17, 2011


(I know the shirt is too big, but he says it is his Blue's Clues shirt-like Steve's or Joe's, I can't remember-and he loves it)

The Clark family has been following along with the Hixon family as they are in China adopting their two new little boys. We are also anxiously awaiting their homecoming as MamaHen is having best friend withdrawals (and of course we want to meet the two newest Hixons also).

James, being four years old, has been a little confused about the whole "going to another country and bringing home two new brothers" thing. I have patiently told him the situation over and over and he will act excited for a few minutes and then want to know if we were going to go to China to get another little boy and what would become of him. I explain AGAIN that he is not going anywhere and then just try to let it go. Bless his bones, he is confused through and through.

And now, adding to the confusion is his insistence he is a little Chinese boy and he was born in China. He even will try to talk in Chinese at times and will tell us "pretend memories" of when he was in China.

Its hard not to laugh. Cause if he is Chinese there was a definite mutant gene somewhere along the line.

I'll be glad when they get back and he can get all this straightened out in his little mind. Until then we will just stifle the laughter. And show him baby picture after baby picture to convince him he is not Chinese. He will just have Chinese best friends.


  1. Oh my, that would be hard to explain to a little guy

  2. He is too cute....would love to hear that southern style Chinese:)