Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raising Her Right...

Last night I was folding clothes and Abbie was trying to pick out just the right outfit to wear on her shopping trip with Aunt Jill. She had a couple of items she was trying to choose from, but she was having problems with her shoes. You see, it feels like spring here, but it's really not. She wanted to wear summery clothes, but she then what to do about the shoes????

As a very very last resort, I suggested she wear her white sandals.

She gasped and looked at me like I was growing a tree out of my head.

"Momma, you CAN'T wear white shoes before EASTER!!!!"

Its good to know she is a true Southern girl through and through.


  1. What!?! Come on! I cry foul on that! It is technically spring by the calendar and I've already worn my white shoes that are not only white but eyelet material!! I can't go back and undo it now!! Oh the horror!! THE HORROR!!

  2. That's so funny! I was raised with those "rules"!!! Even white skirts were a no no! Smart girl!!

  3. A.dor.A.ble. Love a good girly girl story along with a cute chicken feeding pic!

  4. Live and learn! Who knew... Please thank you daughter for me, she may have saved me from making the ultimate footwear faux pas!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. that is something my children would NEVER say ;-) LOL!!

  6. LOVE that! My girly girl knows that too!! (but we are wearing flip flops... not white ones though!)