Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heads Up #752


You have two carpet cleaning men come to your house bright and early one morning.
And you are rushing around trying to get up all the junk off the carpet so the carpet cleaning men won't think your carpet looks that bad ALL the time.
And you greet them at the door and then proceed to carry on a 10 minute conversation with them about what you want done.
And then you politely bicker with them because they want to charge you more than you were quoted on the phone.
And everyone comes to an agreement and you take your kiddos and go outside to work on schoolwork while they are cleaning.

Please, please...

Check to make sure all your clothes are put on correctly. Especially your shirt that may be inside out.

I am not saying this has happened to me, but I wouldn't want it to happen to you.

MamaHen, making moms feel better about themselves for 13 years now...


  1. Thanks for the tip:P

    And the laugh:)

  2. At least you had it buttoned up this time.

  3. I was thinking the same as Jill. Of course if it had been unbuttoned this time there may have not been any bickering...low price guarantee.
    Don't feel too bad, though. I walked around the entire mall with my shirt on wrong side out. At least you didn't leave the house.

  4. oh i love it! once after i had silas i put on a shirt that was still a little too snug, but i wanted to wear it anyways. i remember bending over and hearing something pull in the back of the shirt but forgot to look in the mirror. i proceeded to go to mops that morning, run errands and wear that shirt all day long. when my husband got home he pointed out that there was a huge tear in the shirt and you could see my back and my bra. lovely :)

  5. Oh, I feel your pain. As a nursing Mom, I'm in a state of constant, daily panic that I will have a wardrobe malfunction. I am constantly feeling my own boobs to make sure they're in place and not exposed.