Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mark Found The Camera!

There has been a lack of pictures here on the ole blog lately. Mainly because we could not find the camera. But Super-Wonder Hubby found it last night. And where it was is a testament to my terrible homemaking skills cause we really should have found it by now.

But, we won't talk about that too much, now will we?

We got our baby chicks yesterday. Adorable. We have them all set up and today if the weather warms up enough today I will put them in the outside brooder. I ended up getting three more than we ordered, but who can resist fluffy baby chicks? And their eggs? James picked out a black one and promptly named it Mystery Solver. He is on a "mystery-solving kick" and I guess he needed a partner. Yesterday I couldn't find one of my earrings and he popped up to help. He called it "The Mystery of the Lost Earring." It is so strange hearing these kinds of things coming out of a four year olds mouth. But he really says things like that.
I also found some random pictures on the memory card.

My oldest and youngest doing silly. They do it very well.

Guess what? I get to stay home today! Except for Matt's guitar lesson and then the GPS class tonight. And then tomorrow night Abbie and I are embarking on an adventure that you won't believe.

Can you guess?


  1. I can not guess your adventure, but dying to know.

    I think Brandon tried to buy your chicks out from under you. Nothing personal, but business is business you know.

    Just kidding. He saw them at the feed store and tried to buy them but they told him they were already sold to some crazy lady, so he figured they were yours.

    Just kidding again, they didn't say that, but we do think they may have been yours!

    Tyler favors Chuck a lot.

  2. ....And you obviously wish to torture us about this adventure??????

    I'll say it again, I want fuzzy little chicks!!!!

  3. I'm sending a couple of prizes home with Mark for your adventure.

  4. So, so badly do I want chicks....they are so cute!! Can't wait to hear about your adventure!!

  5. No idea what that adventure might be - but can't wait to hear about it! I love the way you guys do silly:)

  6. Ok.. I think I might know your adventure.. Are you going camping this weekend? And I love the little chicks..