Friday, April 15, 2011

This and That Friday

Its Friday!!!!

Tomorrow is the weekend and my hubby will be home! But before that, Friday means schoolwork, bill-paying, and grocery day. I'm not sure yet how all that is going to go, but go it will. And then two whole days at home....

Abbie is beyond excited~Aunt Jill is coming to pick her up in the morning and they are going shopping for an Easter dress. Last night she said, "I am so excited-I will have Aunt Jill ALL TO MYSELF!" Ya'll, I have been so blessed with a sister who loves my children so much. And the children are blessed to have her in their lives.

The suspicious mole is no longer suspicious. I got a call from the doctor Wednesday and all is well. Whew!

Last night was our last Foster Care class. It has been a long nine weeks, but it has been good. Even if we don't ever do foster care it was good to learn more and to be aware of the tremendous need out there. So many children need love and stability. So many children need families!

Speaking of families-Rebekah and Eric have two new sons! Rebekah called from China last night (okay, very strange experience knowing you are talking to someone in CHINA). They are doing well and have Jonathon and Josiah. Now they are just waiting on some medical tests and visas to get done. I knew I missed her, but didn't realize how much until I heard her voice.

Okay, off to do the mom thing and get going on our day. You know, I really like this mom gig. The hugs and kisses are good pay!


  1. Okay, isn't it strange!?!! I egt that feeling, too. You can tell we're big time world travellers!

    So happy for Abbie! Abbie's Aunt Jill makes everyone's life happier!

  2. I was just thinking about Rebekah and wondering if they were home yet. Glad everything is going ok there.

    I am super excited about my date with Abbie too!!! And you are right, I love all your chickies more than you can imagine!

  3. SO great that you did the foster parent classes! I'm a foster mom and have adopted one and hoping to be able to adopt our current "foster" son (he's really my son, he's been here since he was tiny).

    Even if you never do, knowing about the need and making decisions around it is an awesome thing.

  4. Just emailed you--and here was the glad everything is OK!