Friday, August 19, 2011

This and That Friday...

1. Well, Sue the bunny had her three bunnies earlier today, but they did not make it. She is very distressed and keeps running around her cage looking for them. My momma's heart feels for her.

2. I have not had air conditioning since Tuesday afternoon and I have not complained over the internet yet. So let me take this opportunity.


Okay, enough complaining. I won't lie, it has been hot, but we have made it. And hopefully by Monday afternoon I will have a brand new unit that just can't wait to live up to its very pricey potential and cool this house off. I know in the great big scheme of things this is nothing compared to what some people are going through though.

3. Mark has been using my van this week so we have been home a lot. Bad in that the air is not working, but good for getting things done around here. I have been doing tomatoes and pear-sauce and made some more jelly.

4. Mark and the big boys are working on some Scout stuff tomorrow and Abbie is having FavCousin Sychler over to spend the night so my plan is to work on my bedroom this weekend. We got the furniture moved last weekend and hopefully this weekend I can get it looking like a real live grownup bedroom. Baby steps.

If I haven't posted by Monday afternoon that means I have melted. Not really, even though the Nutty Buddy bars in the pantry did melt. They were a big gooey mess. Yep, hot is the word around here. How about your house?


  1. I spent Monday with no AC and opted to get as far from the house as possible.

  2. Poor Bunny Sue:( oh, and poor Mama Hen - you know, life without air can make us all do crazy things...maybe that explains the plea for alms! :) Hope all is cool soon!!

  3. Mama Hen! I know how you feel without the AC..I do hope it gets fixed soon.

    Poor Bunny:(

  4. I got your package from my friend tonight:)

    Thank you!!