Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainy Days...

As we say here in my neck of the woods, "It came a monsoon today!" And it hasn't stopped. We have been getting the rain from Tropical Storm Lee and no one is really complaining. I'm sure lots of people's cookouts were ruined, but we needed rain so bad here.

My kiddos took full advantage of the rain and they are all curled up on the couch still trying to get warm from it. I bet they are all going to sleep really well tonight.

Our pasture flooded and the kids decided to get the canoe out. Mark and I had so much fun standing on the porch watching them. Tyler didn't get to join them because we think he broke his toe this morning. He ran into a table. We've got it taped up and are just keeping an eye on it right now.

Lucy, the cat, preferred to stay as dry as possible on this rainy day.


  1. oh they are so cute!! putten on that tea kettle!!

  2. Isn't that the best? But so sad for my Tyler! This rain has been wonderful!

  3. We did need that rain, but boy was that a lot of rain here--and wind!

    Your kids are so cute with the canoe, by the way! Hope Tyler is feeling better soon. :)

  4. How fun!!I bet they will always remember that=)