Thursday, October 27, 2011

Around Here Lately...

~We are eagerly awaiting the delivery of Sue's little bunnies. We think it will be late this weekend or early next week. After losing the last bunnies I have no idea what to expect, but hopefully Sue will be more experienced this time and know what to do.

~Laundry Boot Camp went well yesterday. We had a family meeting about the laundry, which was as exciting as it sounds, and laid down the rules very clearly. They will get one reminder/warning and then any infractions will be dealt with by them having to do the laundry for the whole family for a week. They are 13, 12, and 10 so I don't think this is too harsh. Is it? But even James, the four year old, was so proud to come and tell me he had taken his socks off but he made sure they were the right way before he put them in the hamper. I praised him and he walked off with a very smug look on his face. He'll show the big kids :).

~I caught these two snuggling on the couch watching a nature show yesterday. And my heart melted a little bit more. James is following Matt in the morning as he does his animal chores and it is the sweetest thing. Once James is a little older we hope he can take over the feeding of the chickens in the morning. Matt is showing him what to do each day and James is taking it very seriously. James also feeds the cats every morning and the seriousness of that has already worn off. When I remind him to do his job he tells me they can just "catch some mice for breakfast."

~My parents and some of their friends went to the mountains last week and my mom brought me back 1/2 bushel of apples. We have been eating lots of them as snacks and for the last two days Abbie and I have made applesauce in the crockpot. The house has smelled so good and our supper has had a little extra something. Oh man, it is good.

~I told Abbie last week how Jill and I used to make dollhouses/Barbie-houses out of boxes and books and decorated them by cutting out pictures from magazines. She decided to make her own and ya'll, you won't believe how much time she has spent making and playing with this dollhouse. I love to walk by and see her playing and imagining. She has a "baby room" that is filled with babies and she just talks to them. So sweet. ( I just noticed all the Rescue Hero figures. I guess she has a rescue operation going on also).

~Today will be filled with school this morning and then guitar and violen lessons. We also have a couple of errands to do and haircuts for the boys. They are looking a little shaggy to say the least.


  1. Sweet days at your house! I see Abbie has been busy. I guess that must be why she hasn't updated her blog...

  2. Your boys are so cute together. I love how the younger son follows the older one around and tries so very hard to copy everything big brother does.

    Our own older son is finally beginning to appreciate his responsibility in being a role model for his little brother. I think every boy needs at least one brother! :)

  3. Love the picture of your boys. And kudos for a successful laundry camp. Why did I not ever think of that?? Hope you guys have fun plans for the weekend!

  4. Abbie's house is great. I spent more time decorating and building mine, than I did playing. Maybe I somehow knew I would have 8 houses in 16 years, and was practicing.

    I love James is shadowing to learn how to do chores. We plan on doing that with the new kiddos.