Friday, October 28, 2011

Musings on Alice, the Wonder-Fridge, and other non-important stuff...

Friday! And co-op day at that! Its like a free school day for me. My kids are learning, getting to see new people and do new stuff, and all I have to do is deliver them there! I do some child management in Abbie's class and then eat lunch with a bunch of great ladies. And then home again :)

Unfortunately, I am think I am going to have to admit defeat and say I am sick. I have been feeling bad since Wednesday and trying to plow on like normal. I can't say exactly what is making me feel so bad, I am just achy and tired. No fever, but just feeling achy like when you have a fever. Wednesday I did clean the very dusty ceiling fans and wash the very dusty curtains in my room which activated the old dust allergies, but I was pretty much over that by that night. So, basically to sum it up I am sick, but can't tell you how I am sick.

I am happy to report that Alice, the Wonder-Fridge is doing wonderfully. She is living up to all my grand expectations and all my grand money and I love her. I still haven't put anything up on the outside of her because I am loving the newness of her. She is delightful to say the least.

I heard from Eric, Rebekah's hubby, that appliances like to grieve over each other. If one dies the others will start to grieve themselves to death also. So I have been trying to keep Mildred the stove, Janice the oven, and Angel, the dishwasher, happy and busy this week. I figure if they are busy they won't have time to notice what is going on over on the other side of the kitchen. By the way, the dishwasher is named Angel because she is my Angel of Mercy. As in "Mercy Goodness, how many loads of dishes can we go through in one day?!?!?!"''

So, to sum it up, we are off to Co-op this morning and then home to a weekend full of nothing planned. I looked at my calendar and this is the only weekend until Thanksgiving that the boys do not have Scout trips or Abbie does not have choir rehearsals. So I am planning on getting out the old quilts and enjoying these beautiful couple fall days. I am willing myself to get better right now. There.

Nope, didn't work.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. That is IT. I am now going to name my appliances. One of yours has my real name...tee hee.

    I'm sorry you feel blah! Have a great weekend.

    We are having a birthday party for my baby (three now..sniff)

  2. Tonight I'm going to a wreath making thing at Church and tomorrow - cleaning out my closet!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I also hope our appliances never heard of grieving for each other since we replaced our fridge a while back. Knock on wood! ;-)

  4. I am going to have my very special Abbie at my house tonight and then tomorrow PawPaw, Abbie and I are going to see Great Grandaddy Martin. What a great weekend. Nana

  5. I laughed out loud at "they grieve each other!" That is so true! Hoping it doesn't happen to you. Enjoy your fridge!

    This weekend my husband and I are gong to a conference on counseling. I am pretty excited to learn how to minister to those in pain...doesn't sound very exciting, but it is!

  6. how is it that you think Mildred the stove is healthy and well.

  7. It seems like the other appliances would be happy to have such a shiny new friend. But maybe they're not shallow like that.

  8. We are doing nothing. Sleeping in, resting in front of the movies. Chloe went to her first dance with Jenna A tonight. To do a girls thing. They dressed up like princesses! She is all excited.

  9. I hope you're feeling better! Funny you should ask about weekend plans, because I just blogged about that. To sum up, October Baby with my own October Baby, Fall Festival, and tonight the Luther movie. :)