Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ever feel like the above picture?

I feel like I am walking in my sleep. Sort of half-asleep, half awake. Like Pooh Bear tapping his head going , "Think, think, think..." What do I do next?

I like routine, I like everyone to be well, I like things to be clean. Basically I like things to be easy. And even though we have had far more busy weeks and crazy things going on in the past, I am beat. I feel like I could crawl in the bed and sleep for two weeks.

Matt hurt his finger playing dodgeball at Scouts the other night. The xrays show no broken bones, but since it is angling off at about a 75 degree angle we are having to go to a hand doctor to get it looked at. The first appointment we could get was next Monday. So he is in finger brace thing which he says hurts worse than the actual finger injury. He also has a case of poison oak which would put all other cases to shame. And did I mention he is starting to reduce fractions in math? I personally think all fractions should just be left alone, don't you? Just let them take care of themselves. Or better yet, lets just get rid of fractions altogether and force everyone to use whole numbers only.

While chasing escaped rabbits Tuesday morning Abbie stepped on a nail, (old and rusty of course) and so we spent the morning at the doc with her yesterday. And then we had to go buy groceries and I almost had a panic attack walking through the store thinking about what to buy and not to buy. I could not make a decision to save my life. We picked up a few things and left. We had the kids in bed at 8:30 and Mark went on to bed. I stayed on the couch to read and have a little quiet time. I was successful and fell asleep until Sadie, the Giant Dog, woke me at 1:30 because apparently it is important for Giant Dogs to be awake from 1:30 to 4:30 am. And to want to play. And bark. And try to steal my blanket over and over. And then when you put her out she needs to kill a mouse, bring it to the back porch, and bark at said dead mouse over and over and over and over.

Sadie is no longer little cute puppy. She is Giant Cute Dog. Its a good thing she is a good dog although her favorite thing to do is still to stand in front of you and block wherever you want to go. I thought only children enjoyed this pasttime.

So, all that to say, if Mark can go off and slay his dragons with a head cold as he did this morning I guess I need to get up and slay those fractions. Well, Matt really needs to slay them. I need to slay the laundry dragon which set up camp at my house yesterday because I did not get one load done. Oh my goodness someone make me stop with the rambling.....


  1. Dogs are especially good at that, particularly when on the stairs and it could REALLY hurt you.

  2. Us too, 2 days downtown this week. Why is it that sitting in Dr.s offices/hospitals, is more tiring than cleaning house? ....and then we have to come home an do that too.
    BUT--thankful to have dragons=)

  3. I can so relate to the grocery store thing. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed I just grab a few things that look good and leave, knowing I'll have to come back the next day to get everything else I needed. Hope things calm down for the weekend!

  4. you have just got so many cute pics on here of your kids!! i love all these candid shots :-) our puppy is growing too!!

  5. No, I do believe that anyone that you love and have living in your house will simply look at you with a blank stare as if to say: "who? ME?" "Yes, get out of the way! I have things to do that you will ask for or need in the next few min. and there are 5 no 7 of you and only 1 of me! Now move!" Sorry. Letting off a little steam! I so get that comment! Even the Big Red Dog at my house just stands there. Now, I do grab a few hugs and sweet kisses as I pass through this mass of people and throughly enjoy it. So it's not really all that bad... Do grab it while they are all standing there!One day they will all be gone...