Wednesday, March 28, 2012


~I survived round two of Pilates and was much less sore last night than the night before. Today I am just going to walk though because my arm muscles are like soup right now. I had no idea I had so many muscles in my arms and fingers....

~Today is our errand day and music lessons day after a morning of school. Its like Wednesdays just don't exist here at Clark Acres. It is go go go all day long. Cramming it all in on Wednesdays works for us though because we are home all other days. The kids don't like it too much (especially Abbie who would go somewhere everyday if possible) but I LOVE it.

~I have been embroidering some more. Is that a word? Loving it and I am using it for my reward for getting my daily chores and exercise done. Love to sit on the swing in the afternoon and see how small I can make my stitches.

~Leila has some very wise words here. I will admit we are terrible about eating supper together as a family. Mostly because Mark is never home at a certain time each night and it is I have used supper time as a way for the kids to be quite and watch a show while I check blogs. Yikes, did I just admit that? Its true. I have a pattern in my life of starting things, failing once, and then jumping off the bandwagon and running and hiding. Sometimes I think the theme of my life is "Retreat! Retreat!" But, back to Leila and her wise words-she is right and what she says is spot on.


  1. We have our evening meal as a family, although my hubby is only here about half the time for it. But lunch and breakfast are more casual.

  2. I like to get everything done in one trip to town and then stay home, too. It is hard with so many activities! Hope you post of pic of your embroidery piece so we can see the finished product...I love to see what people create. Probably because I haven't a creative bone in my body.