Friday, April 13, 2012

An Easter Morning Meltdown...

Sunday morning we got to witness an Easter Morning Meltdown right before our very eyes.  Everything was going well and everyone was all dressed in their Sunday best.  We headed outside for our annual, "We all look good at the same time so we better document it photo" and that's when it started.

A certain little five year old decided he DID NOT want to get his picture made.  And he made sure we all knew it.  The sun was in his eyes and he could not be persuaded to just smile one time and we could get it over with.

Can you just feel the love oozing here at Clark Acres?

 (Look at sweet granddaddy trying to comfort him...and the rest of us rolled our eyes)

And then we made matters worse because we started laughing at him.  So he began to pout.  And then we made fun of him for that.  And then he noticed all the attention he was getting.  And became a little ham for the camera.  And the meltdown came to an end and we finally got some smiles.


  1. He's a cutie and I could totally see my almost 5 year old doing the same thing.

  2. So glad to know it's not just us. We have one Easter in particular where one unnamed boy is sporting a frowny face in every single shot. I know it's torture for them, but isn't it the least they could do for their mama? :)