Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real....

Right now, unfortunately, we are dealing with the real around here:

You just never know what a day will hold, do you?  Yesterday, after eating lunch, Tyler stepped on a piece of metal that went through his foot, although it did not break the skin on the other side.  You could just see the tip of the metal pushing up against the skin.

Well, I almost lost my lunch.

He was very calm though and said it did not hurt.  We went to the urgent care who sent us to the Children's ER where we spent the afternoon.  (And of course thanks to Nana who rushed down to keep the other children while we were there).  After xrays it was determined the metal had not punctured a bone and only went through soft tissue.  They pulled it out with giant pliers, bandaged it up, and we were home by 4.  He'll be on antibiotics for a couple of days, and then it should be fine.  They didn't even do a stitch because they said it needed to drain.  That phrase has to be one of the most disgusting in the whole English language by the way.

It was discovered when I got home that the piece of metal most likely came from Jame's "screw collection" which he was keeping in a mason jar in his room.  Apparently he dropped the jar in the hallway and didn't bother to pick them up or tell anyone. So, they were discovered in the most difficult way possible.  I think I will be able to write a book on our crazy injuries alone.

Okay, you know all that Freezer cooking and green beans I have been freezing?  Well, well, well.  It was discovered after we got home that my deep freeze is not working properly.  The top layer of food is not freezing.  So, I switched all the top layer into Betty's freezer and Mark cleaned the vents and did what he knew to do.  I went out early this morning to check and now the next layer is defrosting.

Fun times...

So, after I drink my coffee I am headed out to move everything and then completely defrost the freezer.  Hopefully that is the problem.  If not I guess we will start saving for a new deep freeze. Oh, and we picked more beans last night that need freezing today!

Its not how I planned on spending the morning, but I am thankful there is another deep freeze to move the food into.  Otherwise I would be doing a lot of cooking today!

Last night I about had a little come-apart about the freezer and I was having lingering images of Tyler's foot, but this morning I am better. God is still in control just like He was the yesterday.  I have a feeling I will be saying that a lot today as I am cleaning out the freezer.  But its Truth so its the best thing to keep repeating.

Today I am linking up at one of my favorite blogs, Like Mother, Like Daughter.


  1. I'm glad it's not just my house where these things happen! I can totally see the "screw collection" happening here!

    Y-day I went to help 8yo Nelson put away his clothes and I found some fun things. 1) An open ziplock bag of breakfast cereal... for his stuffed animal. 2) A collection of dead bugs and such show-casing a fried frog that he picked off of the mailbox.

    Yup... just another day with boys!

  2. Photos of Tyler's foot, please?

  3. Oh my, Mollie, no photos. I was seriously trying not to throw up and to get him out to the car asap. I just knew that if that piece of metal popped all the way through I was going to pass out. That night when I was telling Mark about it he said my hands were so clinched and my body just went completely tense. The hole in his foot is actually pretty small and I bet within the week you won't be able to see it. He didn't even flinch when they pulled it out.