Friday, June 22, 2012

The Pretty....

Yesterday I focused on the Real around here and today I am talking about the Pretty.

My Abbie-Girl.

She turned 11 last week and we had a very low-key birthday celebration.  The Scout troop did call and sing her Happy Birthday from Summer Camp which is always fun.  Mark gathers them all around and they sing to her.

This girl is Pretty, Happy, Funny, and Real and I love her.  She is just enough like to me drive me crazy and just enough NOT like me to drive me crazy.  I do the same for her. We pretty much have decided to laugh at the crazy and try to enjoy each other.  Whereas I am smock she is sparkle.  Where I am a quiet day at home she is GO, GO, GO!  Where I am reserved she is Get Out There and Live Life to the fullest. 

And I really wouldn't have it any other way.  Raising this daughter is a joy and a delight.  I love to watch her play and laugh and interact with her brothers.  Most of the time anyway.  If you haven't figured it out by now she is The Child Fuss of the Child Fuss/Child Fight Duo that lives around here.  She won't back down and won't give up.  Hopefully this will one day be used for good and for our Savior.

I love this young woman and it is an honor to be her mother.


  1. And it is beyond an honor to be her Aunt. One of the four best gifts you've ever given me!

  2. she makes my heart sing. she makes me smile. she makes me laugh. she makes me so glad to be her Nana.

  3. cute kid, must come from good genetics.

  4. That was beautifully written! You all - pappa rooster and mama hen - are doing a great job!

  5. She's so beautiful!!

    And I fully support her in the war of Sparkle v. Smock.

    Go Abbie!!!