Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Rain....

Here in Alabama we are having our typical summer weather-hot humid days and afternoon showers. This is exactly what happened Friday night at my dad's company's Annual Baseball Dinner and Game. But we had a good time anyway. The adults got to chit-chat and the kids played and entertained us while we waited for the rain delay to be over.
The girls had fun catching water run-off from the canopy.  Ya'll-this entertained them for a long time. Which proves my point that toys are pointless.  Just send them out into the rain.

Cold rain cools off hot little boys and makes them feel good!

Daddies show us how it is done.

I do not like this picture at all.  They are too big.

James and Catherine also  had fun with the run-off.

James provided us with a robot dance show.  It was hilarious and he was totally serious about it.

After the robot dance he did some break dancing for us also.
  Poor Aunt Jill was having a fit about the wet table and the fact he could slip off. She's such a good aunt.  I just laughed and took pictures.
The rest of the weekend was full up with a trip to my Aunt Renee's and Uncle Marty's house for a family swim day and Renee out-did herself with all the yummy food.  They have a lovely home and backyard and it was so nice to just sit and talk while the children swam.

On the way home we stopped and got peaches so I'll be working on those today.  Abbie chopped figs yesterday so I guess today will be fig preserves day too.  And tomatoes.  And oh me, better get busy.


  1. Are you still busy in the kitchen!! I'd say! I know what you mean about the kids being too big. Where do the years go?


  2. LOVE the pics of James doing the robot :) chloe recently went to her first sleepover and entertained her friends with a dance called "pull your horse back", wish i could have that on video! :)

  3. I love a hot day's rain! Such a comforting sound and smell.

  4. Only we would enjoy rain at a ball game!