Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Insight Into the Thought Processes of Twelve Year Old Boys....

For history this week we are watching Ken Burns documentary series on The Civil War.  I am delighted to be watching it again (I remember watching it in high school) and am so enjoying the pictures, the music, and most of all listening to Shelby Foote's wonderful Southern accent. 

Anyways, the kids are not so delighted to be watching it, but I know it is good for them and it can teach them more in a week than I could in a year so we are watching it in small increments each day.

Today we heard about the soldier who wrote the beautiful touching letter to his wife Sarah and him knowing it could very well be the last thing he would ever say to her.  If you haven't heard this letter track it down or watch the documentary yourself because the letter itself is a literary piece of art.

My tears fell as we watched and then the narrator explained that the soldier died a week later in the Battle of Bull Run. 

As it ended we sat in silence just taking it all in.

Matt looks around and says nonchantantely, "Well, at least he could write a good letter."

And the moment was gone.

And that my friends, is how a twelve year boy thinks.

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