Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love this boy....

James had an exceptionally busy day yesterday.

It was finally warm and dry enough outside so that he was able to spend an extended amount of time outside playing.  Its a good thing he had the time, because he caught a Borneo Tiger first thing, trapped it in a cage, and had to spend his day taking care of it.  He also made some cedar potion thing with cedar branches, water, and my hand soap which he wanted me to rub on my hands. 

He also began to really catch on to the reading three letter words thing yesterday during school time.  So I guess you could say by 10:00 pm last night he was exhausted mentally and physically.

We were late getting the kids to bed because the boys were late getting home from Scouts and by 10:00 he could take no more.  He had a mini-meltdown, we had prayer time, and then he took off for bed.  The big boys stayed up a bit and we were all chit-chatting.  After awhile I guess he realized his brothers weren't in the room with him and he came tumbling out of bed.  He looked at me and said in his sleepy tired voice,

"Momma, aren't we supposed to be in the bed?"

I agreed with him and off we all went. 

Love that boy.

(Deciding between being Thor and Spiderman can be a very hard decision.  Sometimes it is best to just combine the best of both superheros and be a super-super hero.)


  1. Am I dumb?...what is the tiger thing that James caught???

  2. Janet-sorry-we have imaginary Borneo tigers around here. I know it could be confusing considering the real menagrie we have around here :)

  3. Catching Tigers always wears me out, too. Poor guy.