Monday, January 21, 2013

Warm Cookies....oh yum...

Last week in the midst of the crazy Abbie, James, and I went on a field trip with the Hixons and the Hurleys.  It was nice to do something fun that also counts as school.  We went to Bud's Best Cookies, and if you are local I would highly recommend it big-time.  It is very short and very sweet and perfect for the K-5 till about 4th grade crowd.  Abbie is in 6th grade, but it afforded her an opportunity to socialize so she was a happy girl.

As we walked in we were handed hair nets to wear and James could not believe his good fortune to get to wear it AND keep it.  After it was over I gave him mine and you would have thought I had given him the moon.  The things children like :).  He has played and played with those hair nets.

Abbie was excited about the whole thing, especially the warm vanilla wafers they hand out in the middle of the tour.

As we left she said, "Now that is a field trip!  Riding around in a train inside and getting cookies!  Much better than standing out in a hot pasture learning about history!"  (Referring to a Civil War history thing we went to in the fall).

She cracks me up.  Thank you Janet for arranging all it for us. 

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  1. We haven't done this one yet, but I look forward to it with great anticipation!