Sunday, March 17, 2013

This & That & Freezer Friday...

~I forgot to do a Freezer Friday report Friday.  Probably because there wasn't much to report.  We had Taco Buffet for lunch one day and made Spanish Rice and Refried Beans.  I was able to put 5 bags of beans and 4 bags of Spanish Rice in the freezer for next time.  I used this recipe (minus the spices, I didn't have them) and it was good. 

~I got to spend time with my favorite sister Jill yesterday.  She took Abbie shopping (thank you Aunt Jill!) and then she and I got to sit and swing together and talk for a little while.  It was beautiful weather and we went through some old pictures together.  She also climbed into the treehouse with James and it was somewhat questionable whether she would be able to get down or not.  She did, although I missed it and would have loved to have seen that.  I think she should have ziplined down myself.

~I also got to see my Aunt Renee yesterday in the Parent-Teacher Store.  Love that store and love that I have an aunt who works there! :)

~The chicks are growing ninety to nothing.  The goats are growing and eating and eating and eating.  We are down to one rabbit now and he does a lot of sitting and staring. 

~Mark got the first tilling of the year done and the seeds have been ordered.  Our garden will be even bigger this year, but our children are even bigger this year too, so they can hoe more rows! :)

How is your weekend going?  Hope it is beautiful there like here.

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