Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Problem That Someone Has...

Okay Internet friends, I have a "friend" ahem, who has a little problem.

This friend knows this is a total superficial problem and in the course of eternity will not matter one smidgen.


This friend has had this problem commented on twice in three days and she might be getting a little too concerned over it.  I want to be able to reassure her and also offer helpful suggestions so that she will stop looking hour to hour to see if the condition has worsened.

Her problem--very dark under-eye circles that are growing by leaps and bounds.  And just keep getting darker and darker.

So, does anyone have any super make-up tips to cover her unsightly circles?  Or a lightening cream that does not cost more than her entire wardrobe?


  1. What!? You probably need a whole weekend of sleep and you'll be just fine!

  2. Oh Jill, it's gone way beyond that point.

  3. I mean, for my friend, it's gone way beyond that...

  4. I too have dark circles. I take concealer (not foundation) that is lighter than my foundation and smooth it out under the eye. Then put the foundation on top of that and the rest of my face. Then when I'm putting on eyeshadow I touch my eye with my makeup brush right near the tear-duct with very light eyeshadow. The lightness that you would use at your brow-line is the best. This brightens the eye a lot. Then I finish with a compressed powder paying special attention to under the eye area.

  5. Also, there are some home remedies you can try - used tea bags (still warm) placed under the eye for 20 minutes (squeeze the water out) for 2 or 3 weeks or castor oil rubbed under the eyes daily for a couple of weeks. Also increase the amount of vitamin E you are ingesting. That's all I got!

    1. Thanks Kelli. I will five the makeup trick a try.

  6. Some food allergies cause Lydia, who is only 8 and sleeps plenty has the worst dark rings I have ever seen.