Friday, August 23, 2013

Nancy Drew lives here...

I found out Saturday night, to my great dismay, that James' clothes were missing.  As in gone.  They were not in the dirty clothes hamper, not in the clean, yet not folded hamper, and not in his drawers.  They were not even stuck up under a bed or couch somewhere.  It was as if  someone had come in and taken all of his clothes, dirty and clean,  In his drawer he had socks, a bathing suit, a long sleeve shirt, and two pair of pjs.  On his body he had a shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts.  Very perplexing. The whole family went on a massive hunt for the clothes and the only thing I could think was that I, or someone named James, had accidentally packed them up with the clothes I was giving to the Goodwill.  Those clothes were still in the trunk of the car, but after searching there they still were not found.

So, I have been washing those same clothes all week and he has been wearing his pjs at home. Surely they were going to turn up, right?  Mark kept reassuring me that they could not have just disappeared.  I was not so sure.

Yesterday I put Abbie on the job of cleaning the living room.  Bless her heart, she found those clothes.  Under a sleeping bag that had been bundled up in the corner for who knows how long.  It's Tyler's zone and he has been sick all week so nothing had really been done in there.

Now as to why he put all his clothes there instead of in his drawer and as to why ALL his clothes, even his underwear, were there I will probably never know.  Maybe he was going to run away and he got distracted? Maybe he thought of setting up a new bedroom in the living room and then he forgot? Maybe he thinks it is funny to see his momma perplexed to the point of tears because she was sure he had more than one pair of clothes?

He is playing innocent in all of this so I am just going to have to chalk it up as one of the great mysteries of life.  And try to do a better job at managing the home apparently.


  1. That's funny! I'm glad you found them. My poor lad (6 year old) had to use a cabinet in our laundry room for his clothes until we just recently acquired another chest of drawers.

    Running away and got distracted....:P

  2. That's a new one... Glad you eventually found them!

  3. Oh my. I don't think I would be as cool as you about it.
    My kids go totally blank when I ask them those "hard" questions---like " who done it?"

  4. This is positively fantastic. But I really hope a reason pops out of him at some point in the near future - I want to know his defense!

  5. Sounds like my house! haha! Anything and everything gets lost here. Life with kids I guess! :) Glad you found them. Oh! I actually did giveaway a whole bag of clothes accidentally, so when I read that, I could totally relate. :)