Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Heard Around Here Lately...

It's morning I set James up at the dining room table with some letter tracing.  He was not happy about being called in from playing to do letter tracing.

I went to the kitchen to wash breakfast dishes because my dishwasher and my microwave decided to quit in the same week.

I am telling you--appliances talk to each other.

Anyway, James began crying and sniffling and making gulping noises like he couldn't breathe.  I continued on with my dish washing as he continued on with his crying.

After a few minutes he came to the door to the kitchen and said in his most pitiful voice,

"Mom, don't you hear all the crying going on in here??????"

I started laughing and Abbie said, "You might as well just get it done James.  She knows all the tricks."

Poor 4th child.


  1. My poor littles get no pity either.
    So sorry about your appliances. Kids can't replace the microwave, but they can fill in for the dishwasher for a while=).

  2. Yep Janet. And it really hasn't been that bad without the dishwasher, this first week anyway :). The trick has been to stay on top of it.

  3. That's awesome. Poor kid - he needs completely new strategies.